Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Real Full-Dicked Monty Strip Act

Since I've learned that my blog followers seem to enjoy real Full Monty strips performed by regular guys provided they have the courage to go all the way, I plan to feature them regularly on this blog. Here's one I found in which our stripper troupe for the evening seems only to happen to strip completely and exhibit their beautiful asses and dicks for the screaming crowd. 

If you plan to watch the video (featured below), make sure you keep your eyes on the stripper on the extreme left. He appears to have an enormous cock, and he seems to be quite excited by the event.



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Name That Cock


A blog follower sent me this video which dates back to 1999. It's an excerpt from the series Something For The Weekend which was produced by Channel 4 in London. In this segment of the show, a female contestant from the audience attempts to guess the correct pet name each of the male participants have adopted for their cock.  The male participants are all nude and have extremely lovely bums. In the Final Round, the female contestant gets to choose her very own name for the final male participant, who actually flashes his dick to the female contestant, unfortunately with his back to the camera. I'm clearly all in favor of risque shows such as this, but can you imagine the uproar that would occur from feminists if the sexes on this program were changed and a male contest had to name that pussy?  It just goes to prove that men make much less of a fuss over being objectified than women. Personally, I rather like it.